We are taking the Laravel community in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the next level!

Our primary goal is to increase awareness about Laravel in our countries and deliver the most advanced technical solutions to our clients.

Our packages

We use our knowledge to build the most advanced software in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And we are happy to share these skills by publishing our open source packages. Feel free to use them!








Rockero Wiki

To unify and maintain the quality of our programming results, we follow a set of best practices agreed upon by the entire team. We've compiled them into a clear web-based format so we always have them at our fingertips. And so will you!

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martin ivan

„Laravel allows you to create robust web applications that are easy to read, scalable, and have clean, high-quality code. It's moving with the times! It is regularly updated and follows the latest PHP standards and is great to test! (We write tests for everything) Laravel has a large developer community and regularly holds conferences around the world.„

Martin Špička, Rockero s.r.o.

„During programming, the quality of the source code is also crucial for us. It is important that the code is consistent and easy on the eye - any developer should be able to read it easily. For us, writing code is like art and we never stop at the fact that if it works, nothing needs to be solved. :)„

Ivan Píša, Rockero s.r.o.

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