Mobile application development

We will design and produce a customized mobile application for iOS or Android exactly according to your ideas. Always with 100% respect for the differences of each platform.

The app as a sales channel
Applications for warehouses and industry
Companion applications and dashboards
Tailor-made applications

We will program a mobile application for your e-shop, thanks to which you will always have your customers at your fingertips as well as they have you. You will get connections to pickup points for quick pickup of goods, integration of loyalty systems or notifications for direct targeting of marketing messages. The app can also be built as a sales kiosk.

We have extensive experience in development for Android-based industrial terminals, including connection to other hardware accessories such as barcode and RFID readers, mobile thermal printers, turnstiles, POS systems and more.

We will produce a companion mobile application for your information system, existing application or hardware that enables new ways of use or otherwise extends the capabilities of the existing solution. Similarly, we can create an overview dashboard for production, warehouse or other operations. This apps can run on anything from a small phone display to large industrial monitors.

We will create an application exactly according to your specification or we will go through your business case and create the specification together so that at the end we create the right application that will help to fulfill it. We are in business ourselves and we know that it is often necessary to correctly translate even a single idea into reality. We will be happy to help you with that too.

iOS and Android under one roof

Using Ionic technology, we develop the app for iOS and Android simultaneously, while respecting the specifics of each platform.

Maximum device effectivity

We have experience processing hundreds of thousands of records directly on a mobile device. If needed, we will get the most out of the device.

Offline and online, backend or not

We build the application with a connection to an existing system or as a completely self-contained application, without any dependency even on internet connection.

Satisfaction of our clients is our priority! Check our reliability in references directly from our clients.

"Rockero develops bespoke inventory software that enables companies to quickly and easily take and evaluate their inventory of stock and assets. What we appreciate about the collaboration is the systematic approach, adherence to the implementation schedule and round-the-clock project support."

Marek Petráni, Leite Group s.r.o.

"We have started cooperation with Rockero to produce a new website What we appreciate about our cooperation is the proactive and flexible approach, fair and friendly negotiations and willingness to solve any problem. We just matched. Our satisfaction is evidenced by the assignment of other web and mobile application orders."

Ing. David Pravdík, VoZP ČR

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Key components of every collaboration

1. Communication

We do not live under a rock, on the contrary, we want to talk about everything that is essential for the project and our cooperation.

2. Values

We only do what is essential. We often get your feedback to develop the project.

3. Relationships

When the project is completed, the ground will not fall away. We'll make sure everything works flawlessly for as long as you need it to.

Frequently asked questions related to the new solution

Before we get into that, let's answer some important questions.

Can you handle a large-scale project?

Long-term collaborations are the main thing that underpins our work. We like to do large, medium and small projects. Our collaborations are counted in years and some of them are developed in a very large piece of software by a multi-member development team.

Who owns the license to the software produced?

We contractually transfer the license to you to the maximum extent possible, so you can use the application in any way you like - modify it, build your own software on it or sell it.

Can I take my project to a competitor?

Yes, everything we produce for you is yours and you can end the collaboration at any time and continue development with another company. What makes the whole thing even easier is that we develop in open and widespread technologies, and always in a quality that is easy to navigate and build on.

How do you deal with security?

We build applications on widespread open source technologies that are supported by very vibrant communities. We don't use tools or components that have not been updated in a long time, and we always build our applications on the latest stable versions. At the same time, the quality of the code is high enough that the tools used can be updated continuously without any problems.

How do you resolve bugs in the code?

Of course, bugs cannot be completely avoided, but all of our code is at least 80% covered by automated tests that detect problems before they get out. At the same time, we have a deployment process for new releases that doesn't let us deploy a modification that fails these tests. Finally, we always deploy monitoring after launch to alert us to everything that should and shouldn't be happening.

Let's find a solution for you

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